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"The message behind the words is the voice of the heart" - Rumi

A blog dedicated to exploring difficult topics to discuss, including but not limited to: belonging, home, purpose, and direction. Ultimately, Humans of the Markaz seeks to tell the passionate, true, gritty stories of our wonderful community members. To get involved, contact Manar.


visual stories

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A podcast series featuring a diverse cross section of the Markaz's community. This season's theme is "breaking bread" - what does it mean to share food with your family, your friends, or a stranger? You can listen to our episodes on the Mosaic website or on our SoundCloud page. To get involved, contact Arman (who really, really wants to hear you tell a story about food!)


audio stories

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an oral history by Parsa Nowruzi

Last year, Markaz historian Parsa Nowruzi and a handful of interns collected interviews from alumni, faculty, and staff who were integral in the founding of the Markaz. These interviews have been turned into a podcast for your enjoyment! Hear how a handful of Muslim students came together in 2012 to create an inclusive community space for learning, healing, and growing.

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