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In difficult times, it's more important than ever to take care of yourself!

Demystifying Therapy

Story 2

Story 1

Myth 1

Week 4 Coming Soon

Week 3 Coming Soon

Week 3 Coming Soon

Week 3

Throughout the spring quarter, the Demystifying Therapy campaign published a story and addressed a myth to demystify therapy. Click on each image to read a story or myth.

Story 3

Story 4

Myth 2

Myth 3

Story 5

Myth 5

Myth 4

MMHI Care Program

 Free, unlimited appointments with local Muslim therapists

 Schedule a free 30 minute or 60 minute video or phone appointment with Dr. Zahra Murtaza or Yusuf Martin, licensed Muslim therapists who are currently working with Maristan. They will also be hosting support groups and workshops.


Virtual Counseling Sessions with Dr. Enas Dakwar



Book a 30-minute appointment between 3:00 -5:00 PM PST on Tuesdays with Dr. Enas Dakwar. Students can contact Dr. Dakwar through VadenPatient, as follows:


1. Log into VadenPatient

2. Select “Messages”

3. New Message

4. Message to CAPS Therapist

5. Select Dr. Dakwar, and create a message

caps @ markaz

Spiritual Support

One-on-one sessions with Dr. Amina Darwish


Have questions on Islam? Or want to speak to the Muslim chaplain on mental health or spiritual needs? Sign up for 15-45 minute one-on-one sessions with Dr. Amina Darwish with this link:

Spiritual Support
Spiritul Programming

Well-being Coaching


maija cruz.jpeg

Well-Being at Stanford Coaches are experts in the change process and serve as skilled partners to help you make shifts in beliefs and behaviors to improve your overall well-being, or simply offer support when you’re struggling.  With them, you can clarify values, set goals and priorities, talk through challenges, and create your own vision for well-being.

Well-being Coaching

Stanford Mutual Aid


Stanford students, alumni and community members have created a comprehensive resource for student wellbeing. Check out the page for mutual aid, self care and community resources:

mutal aid
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