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I’ve been telling myself that I am home. I’ve been telling myself this body is all I need...

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When I first saw the call for art submission, I thought ah yes, I know exactly what I want
to make...

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If you’ve ever laughed at God but wanted to believe in Him anyway...

every city i have ever tried to leave looks the same...

One of my favorite words / In the Arabic language is jemahuh...



The super duper talented Maya (our Artiste in Residence) is holding Zoom poetry workshops that you should totally roll through for! You can find out when, where, and what the next workshop is about at our event calendar.

[in the works]


We would love to feature your piece in this digital gallery space! We are accepting poems, visual art, music, and essays on themes of home, explorations of physical and digital space, and otherwise thinking on community in times of quarantine. All students are welcome to contribute, and all levels of artistic experience are welcome!


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